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Manifest a Beautiful Life is for the woman who strives to live a harmonious, balanced life with more love, more success, more abundance, and more spiritual depth; she chooses to be calm and mindful in a fast-paced world; she is grateful to belong to a community of spiritually-aligned women that are eloquently rooted in wisdom, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women who desire to live their life Beautifully with Intention. Through inspiring content, community, and life-changing retreats, together we will create a tranquil, meaningful, and prosperous lifestyle.


Stacy Zarabi, the founder of Manifest a Beautiful Life, is a passionate women’s transformational life coach, holistic health practitioner, Real Estate Broker, and Investor.

Stacy’s sacred work is encouraging women to shed the limiting beliefs, to think, feel, and live their life on purpose, connect spiritually and manifest their beautiful life.  

After college, Stacy began work as a Commercial Real Estate Agent. She became wildly successful and seemed to have it all, but she quickly realized that money doesn’t buy happiness. As long as she was just “doing it for the money” and had lost her passion in the business, she would never fulfill her true potential. She wanted to serve women in the most unlimited way possible. She wanted all women to know that happiness is an inside job and anything is possible if they just believe and have faith in themselves. She knew that staying stuck in the status quo, was completely stopping her from living out her bigger purpose.

With a vision to impact women who are yearning for more abundance in all areas of their lives, including tranquility, peace, joy, and happiness, Stacy was determined to do the inner and outer work required to manifest her beautiful life — and without sacrificing her spirituality, femininity, or personal fulfillment. Her journey from running multiple multi-million-dollar companies to learning what’s really important has been a life-changing experience. Her passion and experience are paving the way for spiritual women everywhere to say YES to manifesting their beautiful lives with intention.

Daring to manifest her own dreams to travel the world, graduate from The Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program, and vowing to live unapologetically, Stacy uncovered the lost art of Manifestation and the Power of the Subconscious Mind. Through the manifestation process, gaining clarity, setting her intentions, and incorporating healing techniques to reprogram her subconscious mind she has manifested her beautiful life. Her courage to be both devoted AND inspiring quickly earned her an enthusiastic following of creative women eager to learn her secrets to creating lives full of wealth, happiness and purpose.


For women who are unclear on their life purpose, Stacy gently guides them into a world where confidence, clarity, and purpose are the new normal. 

Women walk out of the Manifest a Beautiful Life Program with irresistible self-worth, a more satisfying lifestyle, clear direction of who they want to be, and the total joy of finally living out their purpose. 

Manifestation has never looked so good.

What’s Good

It's ok to rest. Treat your body a good night's sleep. ...

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Now is the time for putting dreams in motion. 💫

Write down a few dreams you would like to manifest this year. ✨

Keep them simple but clear. More important than the intention itself is imagining how you will feel as a result of achieving it. ✨

If your intention, for example, is to get a promotion or raise at work, think about how earning more money may allow you to feel more peaceful and free. ✨

If your intention is to lose weight, picture yourself lighter and more energetic. ✨

Keep this feeling with you as you strive to reach new heights this year.

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What makes you amazing? 🌟

Today, focus on all the things you love about you.

How do you help others in your life?

What are the things you do better than anyone else?

How do you make other people smile?

Take time to look inward and appreciate the little things that make you unique.

Celebrate you!! 💕

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Bloom where you’re planted.
Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can. 🌷
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For some, being grateful comes easily. However, if you find gratitude challenging, don’t give up trying. 💕

Each day, find a moment to consciously practice appreciation – even for something as simple as a glass of water. ✨

That that can stimulate the part of your brain that creates feelings of joy and pleasure, which ups your overall capacity for gratitude. 💫

So next time you feel down, find something – anything – to be grateful for and notice how the shift in focused changes your mood.☀️
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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life‘s coming attractions.

What do you want to manifest in your life? ❤️
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Creating a morning gratitude routine is a powerful way to start your day.

Spend five minutes jotting down a few things you are thankful for - a good night's rest, spending time with your kids, a walk with your dog - and take a moment to reflect on how these things make you feel.
Let this emotion nourish you and keep you grounded in peace and joy.
Notice how this simple practice sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Do you have a morning gratitude practice?
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